Yichang Sanxia Proudin Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a supplier dedicated to R&D and production of high-end Amino Acid series raw materials and preparations. The company's registered capital is 350 million yuan. (The company has been producing pharmaceutical-grade Amino Acid since 1974, and it is one of the two earliest companies producing Amino Acid in China).
The company mainly produces isoleucine, valine, leucine, lysine acetate, BCAA, carbocisteine and other Amino Acid raw materials and their derivatives. The company's quality system is perfect, and it has successively passed the GMP certification, HACCP quality management system certification, KOSHER and HALAL certification of the State Food and Drug Administration, and is applying for the European Pharmacopoeia certificate. At present, the annual output of pharmaceutical grade isoleucine, valine and lysine acetate ranks the forefront in China.
The company is committed to becoming a mainstream high-end Amino Acid comprehensive supplier in the world, integrating with the world's leading production quality management system, continuously increasing the proportion of high-end Amino Acid such as pharmaceutical grade or high-purity, and continuing to extend downstream high-end pharmaceutical raw materials or intermediates of Amino Acid.