Drill: Forestalling fire disasters


On June 22, 2022, we carried out an emergency evacuation and fire-fighting drill. 130 staffs including CEO Wang Menghua, cadres and workers from each department participated. The drill was aimed to stress the safety awareness of employees, and to improve escape and self-rescue skills. Another purpose is to check the function of the fire protection facilities in the factory area, to ensure that in case of a fire accident, quick and orderly emergency measures can be taken to effectively control the accident and protect employees and properties.




2.Command of CEO and fire protection knowledge training


3.Simulation of firefighting and fire extinguisher drill



The commander in chief of fire drill was Wang Menghua, the CEO of the company.  Chen Fei, the production director, was in charge of the on-site command. The working group of the drill was randomized into seven functional groups: headquarters, evacuation guidance group, emergency rescue group, equipment support group, medical aid group, logistics support group, communication and aftermath treatment group.


Before the drill, the safety officers of each workshop and department explained the fire safety emergency measures and fire escape skills for all the employees participated in the drill, and taught everyone what to do when a fire occurs, how to properly give an alarm, put out the fire, evacuate, and how to save oneself and escape.


During the drill, all the staff took it serious, united and cooperated closely. Through the drill, we get exercise and experience in actual fire-fighting, and the goal of attaching importance to safety and fire prevention is achieved.