Learn from advanced representatives and be ready to shoulder responsibilities


On the afternoon of July 1, 2022, Branch Committee Yichang Sanxia Proudin Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of the Communist Party of China organized the company's party members and activists desiring to join the Communist Party of China to visit and study at the New Citizen Party Member and Mass Service Center in Yichang High-tech Zone.



Wang Huajun, secretary of the service center reviewed the oath of joining the party together with us, introduced the development history and advanced deeds of the service center to everyone, visited and learned advanced work experience in various sectors such as "always follow the party, build the Chinese dream together", "legal aid benefits people's livelihood and cares for migrant workers " .


After the visit and study, comrades declared that the spirit of "persistence" and "innovation" of Secretary Wang Huajun is worth learning, and we should apply what we have learned and make continuous improvement in order to better promote the development and progress of enterprises.


Cai Weiguo, Secretary of the Party branch made a summary and evaluation of the activity, and made arrangements and deployments for future Party Branch work.


Wang Menghua, CEO of Proudin, referring to the company's business development, affirmed the work of the Party Branch, and proposed higher standards: all party members should do a solid job in the five "help" services of "helping people with thinking", "helping people with entrepreneurship and innovation", "helping safeguard their rights", "helping solve difficulties" and "helping people become talents", always keep in mind the “Top Ten” work style of Sanxia Proudin, and take the way of "health".


Through this visit and study, all party members deeply realized the political responsibility, work responsibility and glorious mission of the party members, further enhanced the "four consciousness", strengthened the "four self-confidence", and will more consciously practice "Two Maintenance" with practical actions. In the future, we will be ready to shoulder responsibilities, lead by example, and play a role as a pioneer and exemplary member of the Communist Party. We will unite with sincerity, overcome difficulties, and devote ourselves to work with more enthusiasm, so as to contribute to the development of the company to a new level.