Summary of "Safety Production Month" Activities in 2022


June this year is the 21st National "Safety Production Month". In order to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on production safety, and solidly promote the three-year special rectification of production safety in the provinces, municipalities and districts, we carry out safety production month activities with the theme of "observing the safety production law and being the first responsible person" in accordance with the key point of " Notice of the State Council, provincial, municipal and district safety committee offices on carrying out the ‘safe production month’ in 2022". For the events, we made careful arrangements, formulated an event plan, vigorously publicized safety production guidelines, policies, laws and regulations, organized and carried out safety education and training and fire drills, single-item plan drills, hidden-dangers troubleshooting, knowledge contests, Q&A and other activities, which enhance safety awareness of all employees, effectively control the occurrence of various accidents, and the safety production work has achieved remarkable results. The company's "safe production month" activities are summarized as follows:


  1. Strengthen leadership and raise awareness

In order to carry out this activity well, at the end of May, the Safety and Environment department formulated the "Safety Production Month Activity Plan". Under the leadership of the company's safety committee, a "Safety Production Month" activity leading group was established. The CEO was overall in charge, supervised by executive vice general manager, and the leaders of every department strictly implemented, formulated corresponding responsibility systems, clarified responsibilities, diverse the goals and tasks into some levels, and managed them step by step. Let the majority of managers and employees realize the importance and necessity of safe production, and turn their understanding into high vigilance and integrate them into their daily work to form a good atmosphere in which safe production is no trivial matter, everyone cares about safety, and safety is related to everyone. .


  1. Carry out various forms and content-rich security activities

  1Each workshop organizes a safety monthly mobilization meeting;

  2The workshop publicizes accident cases, broadcasts case education videos, and educates  employees;

  3Hang safety propaganda banners in the factory to create a safety month atmosphere;

  4Share safety publicity information, safety publicity pictures, videos, etc. for employees to learn and enhance employees' safety awareness;

  5Organize employees to participate in actual firefighting drills to improve employees' ability to fight fire and save themselves;

  6Call on all employees to actively participate in the 2022 provincial safety production knowledge online competition held by the provincial safety committee;

  7Carry out fire evacuation emergency drills, and the workshop conducts special plan drills according to the characteristics of each post;

  8Organize all employees of the company to participate in the online knowledge contest to answer questions;

  9Organize and carry out safety emergency knowledge contests and safety award-winning Q&A; 

  10Carry out lightning protection detection work.


  1. Focus on heatstroke prevention and cooling in summer according to the characteristics of summer

When the hot summer comes, the safety committee has checked the heatstroke prevention in each workshop, repaired the faulty electric fans and exhaust equipment to ensure the air circulation at the production site; according to the actual production situation of the company's employees, We purchased heatstroke prevention and cooling items such as Rendan, Fengyoujing, Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid, and distributed them to employees in relevant positions. We purchased Mung beans and white sugar, boiled in the company's canteen, and distributed to the workshop for employees to drink and thoroughly implemented heatstroke prevention.


  1. Organize a comprehensive inspection of the company according to the requirements of the activity implementation plan

According to the requirements of the plan, while all departments carry out self-inspection and self-correction, the company has organized a comprehensive safety inspection, led by CEO and carried out a meticulous inspection of the factory area from side to side, from bottom to top, focusing on the comprehensive inspection of the safety production rules and regulations, the production site and its accident hidden danger rectification records, and found more than 20 hidden dangers. In the inspection, correction and immediate rectification followed by inspection, which has laid a solid foundation for safe production work.


Through the activity, we has received good results, improved the safety production awareness, safety management level, safety operation skills, and emergency rescue capabilities of all employees, enhanced the responsibility of management personnel, and promoted various projects. The smooth implementation of the work has also achieved good results. We will take this event as an opportunity to work hard to do a good job in safety production, to achieve the goal of promoting the year by month and having no accidents throughout the year, so that all tasks can be successfully completed.


5. Pictures of activities are attached: