Yichang Sanxia Proudin signed a cooperation agreement with College of Life Sciences of South-Central Minzu University


On July 21, 2022, Yichang Sanxia Proudin Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Proudin for short) and College of Life Sciences of South-Central Minzu University held the signing ceremony of the "School-Enterprise Cooperation and Co-construction Agreement on the Integration of Industry and Education", and conducted extensive and in-depth discussions on "talent training, school enterprise cooperation" and other contents. CEO of Proudin Wang Menghua, executive deputy general manager Cai Weiguo, College of Life Sciences of South-Central Minzu University Xie Lan, dean of the college Yu Guanghui, deputy dean Tan Yanping, deputy dean Qin Yonghua, and Professor Li Xiaohua, the person in charge of biopharmaceuticals, attended the signing ceremony.



At the signing ceremony, Yu Guanghui, dean of College of Life Sciences of South-Central Minzu University, gave a detailed introduction to the college, the development history, disciplines and majors, employment of graduates over the years, the employment structure of graduates, and the characteristics and effectiveness of the college's work. After signing of the contract, under the leadership of the college leaders, the company leaders visited the college laboratory and listened to on-site suggestions on project cooperation with the college teachers.


The cooperation between Proudin and College of Life Sciences of South-Central Minzu University, began in 2018, and the two sides carried out beneficial discussions in the fields of biological fermentation. For enterprises, the talent training is long, the effect is low, and the standards are different. Moreover, universities are talent gathering places and have high-quality scientific research resources. The signing of the agreement will promote the two sides to further deepen cooperation in technical training, teaching practice, talent training and research.


Based on the goal of integrating of useful resources, improving the innovation ability and scientific and technological level of enterprises, transforming scientific research achievements into productivity that improves economic benefits, and meanwhile improving the quality of teaching and scientific research, cultivating talents in practice, and promoting the common progress of schools, enterprises and society, the two sides unanimously agree to establish a school-enterprise cooperative relationship on the basis of complementary advantages, equal cooperation, mutual benefit, and common development, give full play to both respective resource advantages, and actively cultivate high-quality application-oriented talents for the society.



Proudin is a Zhuan jing te xin (advantages of specialization, refinement, characteristics and novelty) "little giant" enterprise and high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development and production of high-end amino acid series raw materials by fermentation method. The company adheres to high-quality development, focuses on products and customers, and is committed to becoming a global mainstream comprehensive supplier of high-end amino acids. The company hopes to cultivate talents with high quality and create more and better products to serve the society through cooperation with College of Life Sciences of South-Central Minzu University.