Yichang Sanxia Proudin Biopharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. on obtaining production qualification of amino acids needed in foods for special dietary uses


     Recently, National Health Commission of the PRC and State Administration for Market Regulation jointly issued The Announcement On the Management of Amino Acids Used In Foods For Special Dietary Uses (hereinafter referred to as Announcement). The technical standard and other regulations for more than 20 kinds of amino acids used in healthy food such as infant formula, formulas for special medical purposes for infants and sports nutritions etc. are clarified.

       The Announcement further standardizes amino acids management in foods for special dietary uses, promote the development of relevant food industry in China. Meanwhile, it solves bottleneck problem of legal registration for those domestic enterprises who use amino acids as raw materials for manufacturing infant formula and formulas for special medical purposes. With a supporting legal identity, the Chinese enterprises will participate in the global competitions with a new  appearance, bringing vibrant development to the entire industry.

       We actively responded to the requirements of the announcement, and contrast the quality of our amino acid products with the relevant requirements for the use of food nutritional fortifiers amino acids in the Announcement We passed the on-site inspection by Administration for Market Regulation with zero defects and obtained Production License for Amino Acid Food Nutrient Fortifiers.

      We will continue to uphold the principle of customer first and quality consistent, devote to the domestic heath market development and provide consumers with healthier and safer product choices.