On the list! Our science and technology project has been approved


Recently, the Science and Technology Bureau of Yichang City announced the proposed science and technology plan project for 2024, and the project "Research and Demonstration of Key Technologies for L-serine Strain Breeding and Industrialization" of our company was listed.


This project was developed in collaboration between our company and the School of Biology and Pharmacy, Three Gorges University. In the early stage, a high production strain of L- serine (Corynebacterium glutamicum Cg-E6) (patent application number: ZL202311060750.3) was screened using atmospheric and room temperature plasma mutagenesis technology (ARTP). The maximum fermentation yield concentration can reach 84.8g/L (test level), and the purity of L-serine product after a series of purification reached 99.6%, which can meet the requirement of customers in multiple fields.


Our company and Three Gorges University plan to further improve the strain, fermentation, and purification process of L-serine based on the preliminary research work, in order to further improve the purity, process stability, and production cost control requirements of L-serine, in order to meet the requirements of different customers for the product.

As we continue to develop new customer fields of amino acids and place greater emphasis on research and development technology. We have established small-scale and pilot platforms for fermentation and extraction. We continuously improve research and development technology capabilities, product process technology, quality standard research, and production cost control, continuously meeting market and user requirements.

In recent years, with the explosive growth of peptide drugs represented by GLP-1, higher requirements have been put forward for the purity of the basic unit amino acids in peptide synthesis. Currently, our flagship products, three branched chain amino acids (isoleucine, leucine, valine), can be used for the production of protective amino acids (such as Fmoc-L-Ile-OH, Fmoc-L-Leu-OH, Fmoc-L-Val-OH), which w e have already started cooperation. For new products, we will continue to align with the market, using advanced technology to promote continuous improvement in quality and cost.

Amino acid products have widely application fields, with strong support from the government, we will continue to deepen our effort and work hard to explore the market and serve our customers well!