Zheng Songping, Deputy Director of the Yichang Science and Technology Bureau, and Zhou Haifeng, Dean of the School of Biology and Pharmacy at China Three Gorges University, inspected our company



On March 25th, Zheng Songping, Deputy Director of Yichang Science and Technology Bureau, and Zhou Haifeng, Dean of the School of Biology and Pharmacy at China Three Gorges University, visited our company for inspection and exchange. Our CEO Wang Menghua, Executive Vice General Manager Cai Weiguo, and R&D cadre in charge warmly welcomed the guests and conducted industry-university-research cooperation exchanges.


The School of Biology and Pharmacy of China Three Gorges University and Proudin signed an agreement on industry university research cooperation. The two sides reached an agreement on jointly building a "Biology and Medicine Graduate Practice Base" and a "Three Gorges Regional Biology and Medicine Collaborative Innovation Alliance", and held a licensing ceremony.


At the meeting, Dean Zhou Haifeng proposed a model of collaborative team building and talent cultivation between the school and the enterprise, leveraging both respective strengths and relying on platforms and projects to better integrate industry-university-research.


Deputy Director Zheng Songping provided guidance on the construction of the platform, emphasizing to deeply understand Chairman Xi’s "new quality productive forces" theory and use the theory to guide scientific and technological innovation should attach importance to platform construction and basic research, pay attention to the quality and efficiency of the platform, and innovation platforms should be user oriented, with clear directions and topics. At the same time, there should be a team as support, with planning and systems, and resource integration through projects. In the final, he put forward two expectations: both parties take this opportunity to cultivate practical talents in the industry, attach importance to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and closely connect with the industry. At the same time, it is necessary to establish a solid platform and leverage its leading role in enterprises to achieve win-win outcomes.


Subsequently, the group visited the company's R&D platform and provided valuable suggestions for the future construction of the platform.

The investigation and exchange play a positive role in deepening mutual understanding between school and enterprise. Based on the previous cooperation, both parties will continue to maintain good interaction and cooperation, build the innovation platform well , effectively integrate resources, and work together to promote the project.