Sanxia Proudin is listed on “Hubei Province Manufacturing Single Champion Enterprises”


Recently, the Hubei Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology announced the list of 2023 Hubei Province Manufacturing Single Champion Enterprises that have been selected and reviewed. Our company's "high-purity fermentation method three branched chain amino acids" was selected as the "Hubei Province Manufacturing Single Champion Enterprises".

Chart refers to: Official website of Hubei Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology

Hubei Province Manufacturing Single Champion Enterprise (product) refers to the enterprise (product) that has long been focused on the segmented product market in the manufacturing industry, leading in production technology or technology domestically, and occupying a leading market share in the single product market in the country (province).

Sanxia Proudin has been committed to the research and production of high-quality amino acid raw materials through fermentation methods since 1974. Through traditional fermentation methods and advanced extraction processes, it obtains high-purity and various high quality amino acid products. This series of amino acid products can be used in various fields such as peptides, culture media, pharmaceuticals, and pharmaceutical intermediates. The company was awarded the title of "Little Giant" enterprise in Hubei Province in April 2022, and was awarded the title of "Gazelle" enterprise in Hubei Province in July 2023.

Sanxia Proudin has always adhered to the continuous pursuit of excellence, striving for perfection, and endeavoring to promote technological innovation, creating value for customers with high-quality products and meticulous services. To be on list of "Hubei Province Manufacturing Single Champion Enterprises" is a recognition and commendation of the continuous deep cultivation of Sanxia Proudin in the field of fermentation high-purity amino acids, representing the production and manufacturing level, technological innovation strength, and market position of Sanxia Proudin have been highly recognized by the industry.

In the future, we will continue to increase investment in research and development, overcoming difficulties and constantly striving to break through the "stranglehold" technical difficulties. We will continue to deepen our expertise in "classic products", actively expand our segmented markets through technological innovation and product upgrades, and continuously create greater value for downstream customers.

Our product line is as follows: