2021 Annual Summary Meeting and Outstanding Staff Commendation


On the afternoon of December 28, 2021, the 2021 annual work summary and 2022 annual work plan meeting was held in the conference room on the second floor of the administrative office building. The company's middle-level cadres and above, outstanding employees and representatives of relevant departments attended the meeting. During the meeting, the middle-level cadres of various departments of the company comprehensively, objectively and deeply summarized and analyzed the key work in 2021, and put forward specific and feasible plans for the 2022 work plan.
In the summary meeting, honorary certificates were issued to the eight "2021 outstanding employees" selected by the company, and commendations were given.
On behalf of the company, Wang Menghua, the general manager of the company, congratulated the outstanding employees who were commended, and affirmed the work achievements of all the company's employees in 2021, emphasizing that the company's achievements in this year are inseparable from the hard work and collaborative operations of various departments. Focusing on the company's main goal of reducing losses and turning losses around, certain achievements have been made in terms of reducing production costs, improving product quality, and expanding marketing, but there is a certain gap from the predetermined goal. I hope to make persistent efforts in 2022. With the optimization of the process, the improvement of product quality, and the accuracy of cost accounting, there are further clear guidelines for the company's product structure adjustment and sales direction next year. It is hoped that all departments will respond and adjust quickly as the company moves forward. In addition, it is emphasized that cadres must be responsible and responsible, strengthen the confidence of the company's development, firmly believe in the correct direction of the company's high-quality development, adhere to the internal work of various refinements to increase revenue and reduce expenditure, lead a good team, move forward bravely, and continuously cultivate a reserve army in the process. And talents, increase the per capita output value while maximizing the personal value of each employee, identify with the company's corporate culture, and grow together with the company, and achieve great results in the new year!