The company welcomes the "March 8th" female employee fun sports meeting


In order to celebrate the arrival of the "March 8th" International Women's Day, enrich the cultural life of female employees, strengthen the communication of female employees, stimulate the teamwork spirit of love and dedication among female employees who account for more than half of the company, and create a united, harmonious and positive corporate spirit. The collective atmosphere enables the majority of female employees to spend the festival happily and happily. The company's labor union launched a series of interesting sports activities to welcome the "March 8th" on the afternoon of March 8.
This event is a team competition, with a total of 4 competitions: bottle grabbing, rope skipping, hens laying eggs, and clever paper cup transportation. All departments of the company actively signed up, and 60 female employees from six teams of fermentation workshop, extraction workshop, refining and synthesis workshop, quality management, management department and logistics department participated in the competition.

March 8th

The atmosphere of the event was lively, full of wit and laughter. The athletes on the field competed fiercely, and the team members who watched the game took out their mobile phones to capture the wonderful moments of the game. The project "Smart Paper Cups" pushed this event to a climax. After several fierce competitions, the refining workshop won the championship, and the management department and the quality management department won the runner-up and the third runner-up respectively. Through the activities, the company further created a harmonious, positive atmosphere, and the majority of female employees celebrated "March 8th" in joy!

March 8th