The company organizes fire safety training and drills


June is the 18th "Safety Production Month" in the country. In accordance with the overall deployment of the National "Safety Production Month" and "Safety Production Thousand Miles" activities in 2019 by the Office of the State Council Safety Committee and the provincial and municipal policies on "Safety Production Month" The activity plan requires the company to take "preventing risks, eliminating hidden dangers, and curbing accidents" as the theme. The actual situation, in the company to carry out "safety production month" activities.
On the morning of June 12, in accordance with the company's work plan for safety production month, the company invited teachers from outside the company to conduct safety knowledge training for cadres and employees, and organized and implemented emergency escape and fire-fighting drills. Through training and drills, the fire awareness and emergency skills of the company's cadres and employees have been enhanced. Safe production throughout the year to eliminate hidden dangers.

The company organizes fire safety training and drills